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Sharron Moffatt

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Sharron is a mental health trainer & speaker who has experienced first hand the impact mental illness can have on someone's life. Sharron was recently diagnosed with breast cancer ...

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Who are you?

I am Sharon Moffitt. Professionally, I am a mental health trainer and suicide prevention trainer. I'm also a cancer support ambassador. Personally, I am a daughter, a sister, an auntie to five amazing nieces, lover of all things sequins and senior rescue dogs.

How are you?

Today I am feeling really good. I'm feeling really vibrant, but it hasn't always been that way. I live with a mental health condition and I've struggled a lot in my life. And also with my recent cancer diagnosis, there have been challenges, but today I'm feeling really vibrant.

Does your cancer hurt?

No, not really. The cancer itself, the tumour itself doesn't hurt. If I pressed hard enough, it would feel uncomfortable, almost like a bruise. But the cancer itself, no, it doesn't hurt.

Do you blame yourself for getting cancer?

Do you need to prepare for a CT scan and MRI?