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Professor Rory O'Connor

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Professor Rory O'Connor completed his PhD at Queen's University Belfast. He is a President of the International Association for Suicide Prevention, and Past President of the Intern...

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Who are you?

Hi, I am Rory O'Connor and I'm a professor, and I am also the director of the Suicidal Behaviour Research Lab at the University of Glasgow. In this conversation, please ask me anything about suicide or suicide prevention.

What is your background?

I am a psychologist. There are lots of different types of psychologists, and I'm a health psychologist and the work that I've been doing over many years is trying to apply psychology to different types of psychology, to understanding the suicidal mind.

What is suicide?

Suicide suicide's just devastating. Suicide in terms of definitions, is the self-destruction of an individual. Suicide is a taking of one's life. There are lots of different interpretations of suicide and different words to describe suicide across the globe, but ultimately, suicide is about ending someone's life.

Why do people take their own life?

Is it selfish when someone dies by suicide?