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Dr. Samantha Wild qualified as a General Practitioner in 2001 and was a partner in a busy NHS practice for 13 years. She joined BUPA in 2015 as a Primary Care Physician carrying ou...

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Who are you?

Hi, my name is Dr. Samantha Wild. I'm the Women's Health Lead for Bupa Clinics. In this conversation, please feel free to ask me anything you'd like about your periods.

Should I use a tampon?

So it's completely up to you if you want to use a tampon or not. Some women prefer it because it's less messy because it's very discreet. It goes inside the vagina. But some women don't like the idea of putting something inside, so they'd rather use a pad instead.

I don't feel like going out, what can I do?

So it's understandable to feel conscious when you go out on your period. At the time of the month, you might feel a bit more bloated, you might be a bit spotty you might be in pain as well. So try and think about things that can make life easier. So avoid tight fitting clothes. If you are feeling a bit bloated, think about what sanity protection you might be using. Some people find that pads are bulky, so they may prefer to use a tampon instead, look after your skin the best that you can. Drink plenty of fluids That can help reduce bloating too, and try and eat healthily. And at the end of the day, if you don't feel like going out, then don't go out. Stay at home and relax instead. It can sometimes be a good time just to unwind a little bit.

How long should a period last?

Why do we even have periods?