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Dr. Canh Van On

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Dr. Canh Van On is a GP and has worked in the NHS since 2011, graduating from King’s College Medical School as a mature student, during which time she was diagnosed with dyslexia a...

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Who are you?

Hi, my name's Van. I'm a portfolio GP and a neurodiversity coach In the experience ask me any questions about dyslexia.

How was your dyslexia diagnosed?

So it's a funny story really. I was really struggling at medical school. School. I felt I did not understand things. I could not process it. I wasn't retaining information. We were very fortunate at university. We had a study support tutor. So following a conversation with a fellow student, it dawned on me that I shouldn't take this long. We were asked to read a chapter on something and I asked her how long it took her. She said, oh, and now, and she was able to understand it and talk about it. For me, it took me five hours. I don't remember what the subject was. I didn't understand it. So I approached the study support tutor and she went through a screening question and she said, oh, you might be dyslexic. And even then it didn't register. I didn't know what it was, and they sent me off for an assessment and it turned out I'm dyslexic. So yeah, that's how I found out.

What is a portfolio GP?

A portfolio GP is one that has several different hats. For example, I have a number of roles and that includes being a GP and also an examiner for junior doctors, and I'm also a neurodiversity coach. So portfolio GP means that you can do different jobs and make the most of a career and make it your own.

What is a neurodiversity coach?

Can you describe what having dyslexia is like?