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Mo Gawdat

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Mo Gawdat has co-founded over 20 businesses, he is the author of the ground breaking 'Solve for Happy', and was the chief business officer of Google X, the 'moonshot factory' where...

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Who is Mo Gawdat?

Well, now I am a happiness teacher. If you want an author podcaster. I spend a lot of my time behind my personal mission. 1 billion happy. Before that, I spent around 27 years in corporate America. I worked at IBM, worked at Microsoft and worked at Google. At the time, those companies were changing the world. I started at Google as vice president of emerging markets. Then I was Chief Business officer of Google X. I'm also a serial entrepreneur. I started, or co-founded many, many, many businesses in my life.

Who are you?

Hi, welcome to JAAQ. I am Mo Gdat, and here you can ask me questions about your happiness, about burnout, and about how to become unstress.

What was your role at Google X?

At Google XI was Chief Business Officer. Big title if you want, but my real job description was to take some incredible innovations that were supposed to change the world, make the world better, and actually land them in the real world. When you allow innovators to go crazy, sometimes they build things that are not perfectly fit with the world that we live in, and sort of working with them as well as working with the world to accept what they were building was really what my job is. I was trying to create business sense for what might have been some of the most radical information I was trying to create business sense from what might have been some of the most radical innovation on the planet.

Whats been your biggest business mistake?

Can you tell us about your son Ali?