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Alice Hendy MBE

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Alice Hendy is Founder & CEO at Ripple Suicide Prevention Charity, an online interceptive tool designed to ensure more help and support is provided to individuals who are conductin...

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Why did you create R;pple Suicide Prevention?

I created Ripple because unfortunately I lost my brother Josh to suicide in November, 2020. My background is in IT and cybersecurity, and when I got his phone and his laptop back, I went through his devices and I saw that he had been searching for really harmful ways to end his life. And I had a look to see what support was available for him after he conducted those searches online. And the answer was not a lot. So really in response to that, I set up my charity called Ripple, and the idea is that it intercepts anybody in the future who might be conducting similar searches to that of my brother.

What does R;pple Suicide Prevention do?

So Ripple is a browser extension. It can be downloaded on Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge Opera, Firefox browsers, and once it's downloaded, if somebody was to then conduct a search online relating to the topic of self-harm or suicide, ripple would intercept that search and instead provide that person with a message of hope that things would get better and signpost them to a selection of mental health resources that they can access both now and also in the longer term to stay safe.

What is your mission?

My mission is to stop anyone else feeling like my brother felt, and also to stop any other sisters waking up in the morning and feeling how I feel. Our ultimate goal here is to prevent self-harm and suicide, and to get people the support that they need before it's too late.

When did you launch R;pple Suicide Prevention?

What support had you got after your loss?