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Joel Billieux

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Joel Billieux has a PHD in psychological science and is a Professor of clinical psychology, psychopathology, and psychological assessment at the University of Lausanne. He speciali...

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Who are you?

Hello, I'm Joel Billieux, I'm a psychologist from Switzerland. I work at the University of Lausanne where I teach clinical psychology and psychopathology. Please ask me a question regarding the way your children is using the tech and if you see it as a problem or not.

What is your background?

I am a psychologist, I have a PhD in psychological science. I am working at the University of Lausanne in Switzerland, where I teach clinical psychology and psychopathology. I am trained as a CBT therapist and in terms of research and clinical work, I specialized in the study of behavioral addiction that is non-substantial related addiction, and also with a focus on online addictive behaviors or tech addictions.

Why did you become an expert of behavioural addiction?

I was doing a PhD about impulsivity. So basically impulsivity is when you cannot refrain your behaviors or your habits, and at some point I wanted to focus on behaviors that are characterized by impulsivity and then gaming, consumption of porn, those kind activity were a very good target if you want to study impulsivity and decision-making, and this is why I started to focus on that.

What is an addictive behaviour?

What are the most common forms of addictive behaviours?