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Katie is a stress and burnout specialist for leaders & companies. She works with people and companies on how to manage stress and prevent burnout. As founder of Get Your Sh*t Toget...

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Who are you?

Hey, Katie Maycock here, the founder of Get Your Shit Together and Omnia in this experience. Ask me anything you want to know about burnout.

What are the main signs of burnout?

The main signs of burnout, we have to break them down into physical, emotional, and mental symptoms. So physically it is you are exhausted, you are tired, your immune system's going to be quite lowered. You can have inflammation throughout your body mentally. So we're going to look at mental fortitude. So that's looking at, you're going to have lower concentration focus. You're going to be suffering from brain fog. And then emotionally, you are going to have potentially an array of different types of emotions going on as well. You could be feeling really overwhelmed, really anxious. You could also be suffering from apathy. So these are all some of the main signs that you are really struggling with burnout.

How is burnout diagnosed?

So burnout's diagnosed through going to your gp, a counsellor or a therapist. So it's relatively new being able to be a diagnosable syndrome. So we are putting it over to gps, therapists and counsellors to be able to talk about your experiences and the symptoms that you're having right now.

What causes burnout?

How long does it take to recover from burnout?