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Ellie Middleton

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Ellie Middleton is an emerging powerful voice in the Neurodiversity space. She is autisitic, has ADHD and is doing lots of work to break taboos and empower both neurodivergent peop...

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Who are you?

Hi, I am Ellie Middleton. I am an autistic and a DHD activist, and I'm here today to answer any questions you might have. So anything that you can think of, anything that you want to know, just press the button and I'll do my best.

What kind of music do you like?

I am really into indie music, so the stone roses. I really like Melbourne and the twang and kind of naughties indie music.

What is your favourite movie?

That's a hard one. I am not a massive movie person, but one I do really like if I need a cry, I always watch The Fault In Our Stars. It's like a rom-com, but sad film. So that's kind of the one that I'll watch if I need a cry.

Which one of your tattoos is your favourite?

What is autism?