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Darrell Coker

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Darrell Coker is Co-Founder & Head of Product at FLAIR. Darrell and his cousin founded FLAIR in 2020, as the only analytics company in the market focused on racial equality. They a...

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Who are you?

Hey, my name is Daryl Coker. I'm one of the founders of Flair. Ask me anything about race and ethnicity.

What is racial equality?

Racial equality is all about having equalness and fairness for all races, and a lot of people really confuse that with racial equity. And there's a really clear distinction between the two. So imagine you have three podiums and they're all the exact same height. Racial equality is about having that exact parity. But if you imagine that some people in the podium are of different heights, the actual full height they reach is different. So racial equity is all about ensuring that the overall height that everyone reaches is the same. And that might mean having a different height podium for each person to ensure that they have fairness in equity within their lives.

What does being a racist mean?

So being a racist is all about having the perception that because of your racial identity, you have some form of superiority over somebody else with another racial identity. And being racist can manifest in a lot of different ways, so it can manifest in the way that you treat people, in the way that you kind of believe. Different races deserve to have rights within, let's say, a workplace or within society as a whole. And I think the term racist is often something that people are quite scared of. But ultimately, if you have any form of racial bias within your day-to-Day, you can be perpetuating racism and acting in a racist way so you can behave in a racist way without necessarily being a racist at the same time.

What is white privilege?

My friends hold racist beliefs. What do I say?