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Dr Luciano Nardo is board-certified in obstetrics and gynaecology and in reproductive medicine and surgery. He has 20 years clinical practice and academic focus in assisted concept...

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Who are you?

Hi, I'm Ludo. I'm a consultant, gynaecologist, and fertility expert in this experience. You can ask me any questions about fertility.

Is infertility a disease?

Infertility is a disease. And very recently the World Health Organisation together with professional societies worldwide have confirmed that infertility is a disease. And as such, couples seeking fertility treatment should be treated as patients. So it is now affecting one in six couples trying to conceive. And there are fertility treatments that can overcome fertility as a disease. But of course, there will be circumstances such as for single women, same-sex couples, well em, embarking fertility treatment is not treating a disease. So we cannot generalise that all cases of infertility are a disease. But in most circumstances, when heterosexual couple is trying to conceive and they have not achieved the pregnancy, naturally, they will be treated as patients and the case will be guided as a disease.

Can infertility be treated?

Well, yeah, infertility can be treated and we know that can cause a significant amount of stress, anxiety, and uncertainty, and we appreciate how patients like yourself may feel when they're not able to conceive. It is very important in order to treat infertility successfully, that we investigate first the causes of infertility. So if you have a problem, then adequate investigations should be carried out, and infertility treatment is more likely to be successful if we have identified the cause of infertility. So we need to be sure that the technology and the knowledge we have in clinical practise today can be personalised to your specific problem so that your other of your fertility disease and can be overcome.

What can I do to protect my fertility?

Can I freeze my eggs?