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Mark Ormrod, award-winning author, coach, mentor, motivational speaker and sought-after ambassador, was born and raised in Plymouth, Devon and in 2001 realised his lifelong ambitio...

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Who are you and what is your background?

My name's Mark Radd. I'm an entrepreneur and a former raw Marines commando who was injured while serving out in Afghanistan back on Christmas Eve 2007 and became the UK's first triple amputee from the conflict. I am a lifelong martial artist, a father of three, and a proud trustee of the charity reorg.

What is Reorg?

So Reorg is a charity that originally was started to help physically and psychologically wounded Royal Marines recover from the trauma that they'd experienced as a result of their service. Now, it very quickly gained popularity and then went from just working with rural Marines to working with everybody in the military to then working with everybody in the emergency services. The original vehicle for rehabilitation was Brazilian Jujitsu, but they very quickly realised that not everybody wants to do that. It's not everybody's passion. So we then expanded into the world of fitness, functional fitness, and use functional fitness and jiu-jitsu to help men and women of the military and the marriage services community.

Who is the founder Reorg?

So the founder of Reorg is a friend of mine called Sam Sheriff. Sam is also a former rural Marines commando, and his job in the military was as a physical training instructor who specialised in rehabilitation. He was also a very keen and very passionate jujitsu player, and he found a way to merge his passion for rehabilitating people with his passion for jujitsu. And that was how Rio was started.

Why was Reorg set up?

How and why did you get involved with Reorg?