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Sophie Browne

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Ask Sophie about JAAQ At Work & how it's impact in organisations is changing workplace wellbeing. Find out about her background, the platform, and the buying process....

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Who are you?

Hello. Hello. My name is Sophie Brown. I've moved over from Ireland to the UK about four years ago now. I'm an SDR or a sales development rep for the wonderful Land of jacket work and a wellness ambassador for the social wellness community in London. I'm a big foodie. I spend all my money on food. I never have regretted it. I've also decided that I'm going to be an athlete and do couch to 5K, which is more of couch at the moment, but we're slowly but surely getting there. I love music, art, travel, and my two pugs back at home in the motherland.

What is your background?

So my background has always been working in the business of people, which may sound a bit silly, but I worked in hospitality for about 10 years. And when I first moved to the UK I worked in a healthcare marketing agency in client services and had the privilege of working with the likes of MSD on the cervical cancer join the fight campaign and more widely on aesthetics, oncology and urology. I then spent some time in recruitment for startups and scale ups and was blown away and so inspired by founders and teams being so behind amazing products. And that inspired me to jump even further into the space where I then had a focus on behavioural data. So understanding people and how they behave online. And now I'm here at the wonderful world of JAAQ.

What is your role at JAAQ?

So I'm an SDO, which stands for Sales Development Representative. And what that really means is that I work with JAAQ and Simon in the commercial team, and I have the pleasure of telling people about JAAQ at work and starting conversations with people who really care about the health and wellbeing of their business, but most importantly, the people running the ship, the people themselves.

Why did you get involved in JAAQ?

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