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Lauren Steadman

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Lauren Steadman MBE is a British Paralympic adidas athlete, triple World champion and 7-time European champion in Paratriathlon. Born without her lower right arm, Lauren transforme...

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Who are you and what is your background in sport?

My name is Lauren Steadman and I am the current Paralympic champion in Paratriathlon. I have competed at four summer Paralympic games, two in swimming and two in Paratriathlon.

How many World & European titles have you won?

I have got three world titles in triathlon. I have seven European titles in triathlon, and I'm not sure if it still stands, but at one point I did have a world record in the four by 100 metre relay in swimming. Yeah, I think that's all.

How did you get into sport and what you do today?

I got into sport as a very young girl, probably as a vehicle to prove to other people and other children that although I have one arm, I am just as good as you are. And I actually fell into the world of Paralympic sport by feeling sorry for a school teacher. Year six at primary school. No one said they would do the swimming competition, so I put my hand up and got scouted at a local competition by a previous head of British disability, swimming, and then went into the world of disability swimming, didn't even realise it was a thing. Found the Paralympics and four games later, and a shining gold medal. Here I am, and I'm still racing 18 years later and hoping to defend the title in Paris 2024.

What is your disability?

What were you like at school?