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Abbi Pulling

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Abbi Pulling is an Alpine Academy driver. She talks about her journey in motorsport, what it is like to be a driver & the impact it has on her mental wellbeing....

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Who are you?

My name is Abbi Pulling. Come and ask me a question about my career in motor sport.

What is F1 academy?

The F1 Academy is a championship of 15 girls, three drivers per team, and it is just a great opportunity for females to be on the F1 package, get the promotion, but also get the seat time as a driver. Most important thing is getting your bum in the seat. So that's been really important for me this year. Going to some amazing places, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Singapore, Miami. Really, really cool events up and coming.

What got you into wanting to race?

I actually got into racing through my dad. My dad raced on motorbikes, so I grew up my whole life or childhood watching motorbikes and been at a track since I can remember. And I finally tried it for myself at the age of eight, but four wheels, not two. I started go-karting, went to some family party thing and just caught the bug and I just kept begging my dad every weekend to go out again and again and again, and he would, I don't know what the word is, would take me, submit.

When do you think we will see a woman racing in the F1?

What is the Rac(H)er programme?