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Esteban Ocon

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If there’s one word that dominates Esteban Ocon’s career, it’s ‘sacrifice’. Back when he was just a promising karter, Ocon’s parents sold their house, put their jobs on hold, and b...

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Who are you?

Hi everyone, it's Esteban Ocon Formula One Driver for BWT Alpine F1 team. We're on JAAQ, and come ask me a question, whatever you want.

What got you into karting and racing?

So what got me into carting and racing? I think first of all, I grew up in, let's say in a garage. My dad was working on cars. He used to, with my mum, run a small garage where he was repairing cars. And that's how we were earning money at the time. And when I was going out to school, I was seeing a car that was not starting and that was not working. And when I was coming back, there was kind of a magic feeling when I was seeing this car come alive. So yeah, I really fell in love with cars in general, with anything, with an engine, with wheels. And yeah, later on I got randomly a chance to get into a small go-kart. And yeah, since then, the passion doesn't go away.

Describe yourself in 3-words

Describing myself in three words. I think that's a very hard task. Usually I prefer people to describe myself because you hear very interesting things when people try to tell you very selective words like that. So I don't know. I would maybe say hard worker, determined maybe. And yeah, I don't know. You guys tell me.

What has been the happiest moment of your F1 career?

How do you handle making mistakes during races?