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Natalie Pinkham

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Natalie Pinkham is a British television presenter and Formula One pit lane reporter for Sky Sports F1. We sat down with Natalie Pinkham to ask her about her experience being bereav...

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Who are you?

Hi, I'm Natalie Pinkham. I'm a mom of two boy and a girl nine and seven, and I work as a presenter for Skyport F1.

What would you like to say to Caroline now?

God, I have so many things I'd love to say to Caroline now. Well, I mean, I'd obviously love to say, do you realise how loved you were? I think she knew that though. I really do. I mean, it sounds strange to say because actually why would she have chosen to left? Why would she have chosen to leave if she had known? But I think she knew. I think she knew because I think she saw the reaction that people gave her, and I think she'd probably laugh a lot at what we've done. She probably wouldn't be able to believe that we were all dancing and singing in her memory. So, wow. I don't think there is any one single thing I'd like to say. I think I'd need a good couple of hours with her.

What is your background?

I am a real family girl. Actually, I have to say loving mother, daughter, sister, wife should add, wife shouldn't. I live in West London with my husband and kids. I love all sports. I've always worked in sport. I really enjoy Formula One, travelling the world and taking my kids with me wherever I can. And I love participating in sports. So yeah, we're a really sporty household and I love to fundraise and campaign on the path of children's welfare. So I'm a patron for a charity called Hope and Homes for Children. I also run a music and comedy festival called Flack Stock, which is in memory of my great friend Caroline Flack. And we do that to talk about mental health, create a safe space for mental health and dance a lot, and laugh a lot and cry a bit too. It's all really good. So come.

Why are you running London Marathon for Samaritans?

How are you prioritising self-care and well-being?