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Rotem Metfield - Pregnancy

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This one is special: Rotem sat down with us to answer questions about all four trimesters of her pregnancy. Ask her questions all about the different stages of her pregnancy, how s...

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Are you nervous at all? (1T)

I am super nervous about anything, everything that you can imagine. I'm very nervous. I'm also really excited, which is new for me. I didn't think I'll be a mom, so to kind of accept it and get excited about it, it's really nice. But I'm really nervous. I dunno anything. I feel like, I dunno anything. So I'm trying now to get more information and learn things and knowledge is power, but what, growing a human. Me really. Yeah. I'm nervous. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah.

Are you nervous at all? (2T)

Yes, I'm very nervous about giving birth to start with, so yeah, I'm nervous. Yeah, I can't lie about it. I feel I'm optimistic. I feel like things will go well, dunno if it's naive or what, but I feel optimistic. But at the same time, yeah, I'm nervous. And also after giving birth, yeah, it's only just the beginning. So I am definitely nervous.

Are you nervous at all? (3T)

No, no, I'm joking. I'm so nervous. I think the unknown of when it's actually going to happen, you have the due date, but the due date is a date. It's a random date. It can happen on this day, which by the way, it's only three to 5% of women actually give growth on the due date. Most likely it's going to happen at some point, not on the due date, which means it can happen at any point. And this terrifies me because I'm very good at preparing for something when I know when it is. But it can just, I can literally finish this conversation with you and go into labour. How am I supposed to prepare for this? So yeah, definitely nervous.

Are there things that you are struggling to do more than usual? (2T)

Are there things that you are struggling to do more than usual? (3T)