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JAAQ Coffee is a business hospitality coffee brand set-up to support conversations around mental health within the workplace, whilst giving easy access to JAAQ through reflective q...

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Who are you?

Hi. Yeah. I'm Danny Grey and I'm the founder of JAAQ. And I'm Tim X. I'm the managing director of Genuine Dining Company, And you can ask us a question about JAAQ Coffee.

What is JAAQ coffee?

Okay, so JAAQ Coffee for me is, look, JAAQ is a mental health information platform, all about giving people the right access to information. But for me, digital is an amazing tool. It's an amazing way people do everything now, but for me, a physical, anything physical elevates what you're trying to do and what a better way to do that. Then coffee, because I think for me, coffee, a lot of the time you have a coffee, right? You take it to work. A lot of time people go to a coffee shop to have a coffee and have a chat or meet up with someone. When we came together, the idea about bringing JAAQ from digital world into a physical space, into retail for me was incredible. And I thought, what vehicle to do it? In terms of coffee, I think it's very different and a lot of time just for me, coffee, there's a lot of focus on coffee before the coffee being made, right? There's a lot of about sustainability, about everything, which I think you need to do now. But after coffee's, coffees delivered, there's not a lot afterwards. Well, that coffee can do and I think incorporating JAAQ into that means when you've got a coffee cup in your hand, there's more to the coffee than just the coffee. So I hope that makes sense. I dunno if you agree, I do. Coffee culturally across the UK is all about bringing people together to have a conversation, to have a chat, and what better way to start conversation about mental health than to integrate JAAQ into coffee. And that is why JAAQ Coffee exists And it's great coffee as well. It tastes amazing.

Where can I find JAAQ coffee?

Well, currently this all started with our first high street shop in All Gate White Chapel, which is just the most amazing space. It's got a digital screen at the back, so you can go in and live and breathe the platform as well as the coffee. That then led to 14 more, which are open to the public in London. And we also, within corporate spaces, we work with some of the best brands that have JAAQ Coffee. So probably the world's largest online music platform has it. Some of the, I wonder who that Could be Is for their And it is quite incredible when you see the impact that JAAQ Coffee and the conversation around mental health have when it comes to the workplace. I mean, it's incredible. So that's where we are currently. There's probably in total 20 JAAQ coffee shops across London, and you and I know there are huge plans through many, many more over the coming few months. So Watch this space, JAAQ Coffee to the Moon.

How are JAAQ and JAAQ Coffee connected?

Why was JAAQ coffee created?