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Louis Taylor is a consulting business psychologist for Lexxic, who are leaders in empowering neurodiversity in the workplace. You can ask Louis all about the importance of neurodiv...

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How does Neurodiversity Celebration Week (NSW) support those with neurodivergences?

So Neurodiversity Celebration Week aim to support those with neuro differences by raising awareness around the neuro differences such as A DHD, autism, dyslexia, dyspraxia, and dyscalculia. We also have a list of panellists that join our events who either have lived experience or experts in their relevant fields who are there to raise awareness around neurodiversity and provide support around neurodivergent individuals. They also have tips and practises that can help be implemented at the home school and also within organisations.

How can I make topics around neurodiversity fun and accessible for younger students?

Talking about neurodiversity is always fascinating and can be fun. Of course, when you're catering to younger audiences, it's about making sure that the formatting is more accessible. For example, what you could do is create a video explanation, or you could use things like visual aids or both as well. You want to make sure that the language you're using is clear and also in an accessible format, and you're accommodating different learning preferences that way that you can make sure that you're catering towards different learning needs as well. That can also mean that the information being provided is inclusive as well.

How does Neurodiversity Celebration Week contribute to creating more inclusive environments?

So Neurodiversity Celebration Week aims to support, create inclusive environments by raising awareness and educating around inclusive practises across education schools, and also within the workplace as well. Some things can include events around inclusive language and communications as an event that you can see this year. Also as well, there are events that can be focused on organisations. Also education as well as branching into lived experience. Stories around raising and creating inclusive practises across organisations, but also thinking about the education sector as well, and thinking about new practises that they can start to instil.

What can organisations do to continue championing neurodiversity beyond NCW?

How can the education system benefit from embracing neurodiversity and getting involved with NCW?