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Fraser Franks

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Fraser Franks is a former professional football player who began his career at Chelsea then Brentford before going om to play AFC for Wimbledon, Welling, Luton, Stevenage and Newpo...

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What is your background?

My background is I'm a former professional footballer. I had a 12 year professional career and I had to retire at the age of 28, so my main background is a professional athlete.

What's your favourite memory in football?

My favourite memory in football is winning promotion in my first season as a professional, so 18, 19 years old into a first team. I'd been released and rejected by a couple of clubs before that, but to finally make my debut, start playing regular football, and then to win promotion with a really good group of lads. Yeah, that's probably my favourite moment. 18, 19 years old, winning promotion with a FC gun. Bodom.

What was the first goal you scored?

First goal that I scored was on my second appearance for A FC Wimbledon. I managed to score two in that game, so I think everyone was expecting me to be this goal scoring defender that I didn't, because I never scored again for the club after that. But I came on a halftime and managed to score two goals and nearly actually got a hat trick, which I would've probably been talking about for a few more years after that. But yeah, it was nice. My second appearance in professional football to get two goals.

Did you get nervous before a game?

What makes a good captain?