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Toby Gorniak MBE

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Toby Gorniak MBE is a multi-award winning transformational coach, inspirational speaker, hip-hop artist, entrepreneur and mentor. He received an MBE for his outstanding contributio...

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What is your background?

So my background is I'm a rum new gypsy. I was born in Poland. I come from a family, lots and lots of people, lots of fun, very colourful culture, and that's me.

When did you receive your MBE?

So I received my MB in 2018. It was an incredible day. Going up to the palace, having the whole experience, it just blew my mind.

What is your favourite style of dancing?

My favourite style of dance I think is dance in general. I don't choose between styles and flavours. I think for me, movement, depending on the music, that's something I really enjoy.

How old were you when you moved to the UK?

Why did you start dancing?