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Having worked in the Fitness Industry for 18 years Dean’s knowledge stems all the way from a grass roots level and has experienced the industry change over these many years working...

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Why is resistance training important?

It creates a strong foundation within your body helping strengthen your joints and your ligaments, and makes everyday movements a lot easier to perform. And also it's a great way to increase your metabolism and burn fat more efficiently.

What are some examples of resistance training?

A few examples of resistance training. Could be anything working under a load or a type of resistance. That could be training body weight exercises such as a body weight squat or a press up. Or you can maybe go to a gym and use the resistance machines and like a leg press or a chest press machine, or if you were feeling up to it, you could go into the free weights area or use the cable machines for more diverse style of exercise.

Do I need a training plan?

The training plan is very beneficial to help keep you motivated, to keep you guided, and to keep you on track with your training. Without a training plan, your workouts could become a little bit random, a little bit sporadic, and most importantly, you can't manage your progress. If you can't manage your progress and see which direction that you're going, then you may become disheartened and not see the physical results straight away. But if you can see from a training programme that your weights are increasing, your fitness is improving, then this is a great motivational tool in itself. So you can go to the gym without a training plan, but I would strongly recommend having one.

What is cardio training?

If I'm not very fit can I still do cardio?