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With 15 years of experience in the Fitness Industry, Marina has built up knowledge and skills as a Personal Trainer, Manager and Group Exercise Instructor at Pure Gym. These skills...

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Are there some advantages to resistance training?

There are some disadvantages to resistance training. These can include over-training overuse of the muscle where we are not giving our muscles enough time to rest, therefore causing injury. Also, we may be going too heavy with some of the exercises, which again can cause injury, and if that is the case, it would be best to seek advice from a personal trainer or a coach or someone from a fitness professional side of things just to make sure that we are doing everything correctly, knowing what days we can train, when, how long we should be resting for. Saying that there are many advantages to resistance training when the exercises are performed correctly. It's a great way for the mind, it's great for the body.

Can anyone do resistance training?

Yes, of course. Most certainly anyone can do resistance training no matter your age, your ability, it's open for everybody. Whether you start off super light, build up your repetitions, build up your sets, seek professional advice. There is no reason why you can't. If you do have an injury or a medical condition, it would be best to seek advice from your doctor first, and then you can seek advice from a professional, personal trainer, fitness coach, and work your way up. But yes, absolutely.

Why should I do cardio?

Cardio is very important to build up endurance. So any form of exercise is important, but building up the heart rate, helping with blood pressure, helping with sugar levels, cardio can be absolutely fantastic and that doesn't mean you have to do hours and hours in the gym or go for intense runs. This could mean a stroll in the park, a nice walk, a walk with a neighbour, a walk with a friend. Any little bit of cardio helps. It also helps with performance overall, so if you do any other types of training or even everyday activities where we are moving up and down without realising, this will help your endurance. Walking up the stairs, walking up the escalator instead of standing at the train station. Every little bit helps.

How much cardio should I do?

What are the benefits of cardio training?