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Sam Riley

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Having joined Harlequins at the age of 15, Hooker Sam Riley graduated into the Senior Harlequins’ Academy ahead of the 2019/20 season. Having captained the Club at U18 level and re...

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What was your Quins initiation?

Oh God. Quinn's initiation. I think it might have been the first trip in preseason. We went to IHA and when we got off the plane, all the young lads or the first year academy had to get up at the front of the bus and sing a song. I decided to sing Wonderwall. Yeah, it didn't go well. Everyone booed me down. Apparently that's the one song you can't do, which is great to know. So yeah, it wasn't great. First bit of preseason, first bit of professional rugby was, yeah, it was very interesting.

Can you sing your initiation song?

No, absolutely not. I would not be doing that because I don't embarrass myself on camera.

Which Quins player is best on Call Of Duty?

Is going to say it's him. I think he's probably got a few more hours than me, but it's definitely me.

Do you ever get nervous before a game?

Do you suffer with anxiety?