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Fin Baxter

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The tighthead prop joined Harlequins’ Academy on a full-time basis in June 2020 the same year he made his debut for England U20s during the 2021 U20 Six Nations. Fin gives his pers...

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What was your Quins initiation?

There wasn't actually a set initiation that you always got to sing a song on the bus back if it's an away game or the next away game, but you just got to sing a song in front of the bus. I sung Robbie Williams Angel. I had it so prepared because I nervous about it because I'd heard about it and I thought it went down. All right. I just got my head down and sat by dang, real quick. But yeah, it's my go-to now.

Can you sing your initiation song?

Don't think.

Do you ever get nervous before a game?

Yeah, so usually I try and chill out as much as I can. Not think about it too much, but sometimes hour before kickoff, I get really nervous, feel a bit sick, almost. And then you just realise they're there for a reason. They're good things. It's to, well get you ready, really. And I've learned certain things of how to deal with it and just realise it's just me getting ready.

What’s your greatest memory in rugby to date?

Did you always want to be a pro rugby player?