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Michelle Heaton

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Michelle is a member of the Brit award winning band Liberty X, a mother of two, Menopause Advocate and is in recovery from Addiction. Michelle recently celebrated two years sober ...

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What's it like to be signed by a record label?

It was 2000 when we first got signed to a record label and Liberty X were called Liberty back then, and we had just lost out to hearsay and pop stars, and we were together on the couch in Lorraine and Richard Branson was watching and he calls up Lorraine and said, I want to sign those losers. We were known as the flop stars back then, and within a week we were assigned to our first ever record label, V two Richard Branson. It was just insane. I mean, it was stuff for dreams. It really was an absolute dream come true.

Do you get nervous before performing?

I think a sense of nerves is always healthy before I perform on stage anyway, because it releases the adrenaline and it gets me a little bit more psyched up and hyper on stage to bring that energy to those who are watching. I had like to think I'll always have those little bits of nerves, but especially when I'm performing in front of people that I know, like my family, you always want to try that little bit harder and I like a bit of nerves. It gets me feeling like I'm alive.

What's it like to perform in front of people?

Whether it's thousands of people or whether it's a crowd of just a couple of hundred, I always kind of feel the same initially, but I get way more nervous when it's a smaller crowd, if I'm being honest. And the big crowds bring the energy and they sing songs back to you. And there's no better feeling than a whole sea of people singing lyrics back that you've created and that you're performing to. But when it's a close knit group watching, you look at everybody individually in their eyes and you can really feel whether they are enjoying the performance. And sometimes not everybody will. And when that happens, you kind of get side swept and you'll lose the direction that you're trying to bring on stage. So I find smaller audiences a little bit more intimidating.

Have you ever suffered with imposter syndrome?

Has imposter syndrome stopped you from performing?