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Leah Charles-King

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Leah Charles-King’s is a multi award winning TV & Radio Broadcaster, Producer, Speaker and Media Trainer. Her story and the path has been a journey of ups and downs, turns and twis...

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What is your background?

I am Charles King. I am a TV and radio presenter. I'm also an ambassador for Bipolar uk.

How would you describe your bipolar?

Bipolar is a very different experience for everyone. Of course, there are so many similarities that cross over. Certainly for me, bipolar has been an interesting journey. It's been a journey of ups and downs, highs and lows, just like the condition itself. But safe to say that after many years of trial and error, trying different things, doing different things, and really learning about myself, I now live well with bipolar and very much of my message. And what I stand for is that there's life after diagnosis.

How does bipolar affect you?

How bipolar affects me on a daily basis is different. So as a general whole, I tend to live in a neutral ground, which is where we all want to be when we have bipolar because many of us would experience the low lows and the high highs. So we're always looking for that place in the middle where a sort of utopia where we could feel the most balanced. So on a daily basis, I kind of live somewhere in there. Some days though, I lean more on the depressive side. I've only had a major manic episode once. I say only that manic episode that I was aware of lasted for well over a year because I wasn't even diagnosed. But that's what brought me to diagnosis. I probably had many other smaller manic episodes throughout maybe my life even. But how long is a piece of string? It's quite interesting when I reflect and look back. But whatever it is, however I've done it, I'm here now literally just focusing on trying to stay well and balanced on a daily basis. And I believe that anyone can do that. There's nothing particularly special about me.

What is bipolar?

How old were you when you were diagnosed?