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Amy Polly

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Amy Polly (AKA The Mindfulness Rebel) has been practicing mindfulness for nearly ten years and admits it’s been a game changer. She is a teacher, speaker, author, mental health cam...

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Do you have a fidget aid?

Yes, I do, and I have it with me today.

Is having a healthy diet classed as mindfulness?

No, I wouldn't say that having a healthy diet is classed as mindfulness. I certainly don't always have a healthy diet, but I think that when we have a mindfulness practise, we talk about mindful eating and being aware of the meals that we're having and being present with when we're eating. So it gives us an awareness of maybe when the thing that we're eating isn't quite as healthy. But I wouldn't say that mindfulness means you're going to have a healthy diet.

What are your hobbies?

So my hobbies are roller skating. They are pink paddleboarding. My paddleboard is pink. Also quite recently I am well into Lego. So my little boy is four, but he's a genius obviously, and he's had some Lego, and now we've started buying sets that we can do together. And honestly, it's one of my favourite things to do. And you know what? It is a really good mindfulness practise because you are so present with what you are doing, following the instructions and the touch and the sound, and putting things together. So yeah, they're my three top things I would say.

Can practising mindfulness help me sleep better?

How can mindfulness help me stay mentally fit?