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J Grange

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J Grange is a British Musician, Songwriter, international public speaker and Neurodiversity advocate in East London. He has just been recognised as one of the top 80 Neurodiversit...

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When were you diagnosed with ADHD?

I was diagnosed at the start of year 11, so I was 16 years of age and I got diagnosed after many years of anxiety, depression, and not knowing or understanding myself. I'm feeling misunderstood by teachers, parents, and family.

How did you feel when you were diagnosed?

It was a sense of relief. It wasn't a yes, I've got a DHD, but it was a, maybe this is why I've been misunderstood. Maybe this is why I've had some of the problems I have and maybe I've been behaving in certain ways because I've got a DHD.

Did you always feel like you had ADHD?

Yes. I felt like I've always had a DHD, the reason being because even in primary school I felt a little bit different, but nothing too much where it played with my mental health or anything like that. But I did feel different to a few people in primary school, and it was in secondary school where I really, really started feeling different to everybody and thinking, yeah, I've probably got a DHD or I might have autism, A DHD. Yeah. And that was the time really when it really kicked in. I've probably got a DHD during secondary school when I felt so misunderstood by so many people.

Did having ADHD affect you at school?

Did you feel misunderstood by the teachers?