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Steven Caulker

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Steven Roy Caulker is a professional footballer who plays as a centre-back for Süper Lig club Fatih Karagümrük. Born in England, he represents and captains the Sierra Leone nationa...

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What is your background?

My background, I grew up in West London. I have a brother and sister. I grew up with two parents. I was fortunate enough to have what I would call family unit, a loving family unit, and I grew up playing football. It was what I would say is my first addiction.

When did you sign your first pro contract?

So I signed my first pre-contract when I was 15 and when I was 17 that came into place. I had a two year professional contract with Tottenham Hopper.

Did you gamble before you were a footballer?

Yeah, definitely. So I gambled from the age of 13. Started with penny up the wall when I was a kid in school. Used to lose all my lunch money. On the odd occasion. I used to win and by myself, two free burgers that lunchtime, but the majority of the time I was on the losing side of it. I first started in the casinos when I was 18 just due to the legal age, but the bookmakers was from 1516. I used to sort of zip up my coat and hide my school uniform underneath it, and that's where I would say the real trouble began.

What is penny up the wall?

Has football contributed to you being an addict?