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With 5 years experience working in the fitness industry as a Personal Trainer, Martelle is now a Regional Group Exercise Trainer and Assistant Gym Manager at PureGym. Hugely pass...

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What's a good exercise for post-menopausal women?

I wouldn't say there's just one type of exercise, move, or programme we should focus on. It's all about making sure you are moving and doing something that you do enjoy. If you don't enjoy it, you won't move. So just make sure you start off low at an increase over time. You could start with a light walk, move it into a brisk walk. You could even go jogging or even go to swimming or start off with any aerobic exercise.

Are there benefits if I exercise during menopuase?

There are many benefits, and the most important benefits is that it focus and allows you to improve your mental health and physical health as well. During menopause, you can suffer from hot flushes and cold sweats, which obviously can make sleeping time a very difficult time for you. So with resistance training and aerobic training, it can improve the quality of your sleep. During menopause, you can suffer from decreased bone density and your oestrogen levels do drop. So with resistance training, it can help and sustain your muscle mass. Unfortunately, it can put you through different types of mood swings or feelings, or it can leave you feeling anxious. Luckily, that's where our training will come in and improve that. So we've got a chemical, which is the happy chemical, which is endorphins and training supports with that and releases that chemical through the body.

Can exercise help with my menopause symptoms?

Absolutely it can. Movement is vital, but I wouldn't want you to put any pressure on yourself, especially when there's going to be times where you may not feel up to it. Exercise can obviously improve the way you feel, the way you think, and the way you move. But please remember, there's no pressure in doing it every single day.

How do I stay fit during and after the menopause?

Is resistence training good during menopause?