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Molly McCann

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Molly McCann is an English mixed martial artist. She is a former Cage Warriors Flyweight Champion and currently competes in the women’s flyweight division of the Ultimate Fighting ...

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Why is your nickname Meatball Molly?

My nickname is Meatball Molly, because when I fell into MMA, I used to work at Subway, so I didn't get a student loan to go to university. I had to work me way through and to provide for myself. So I used to work the night shifts at Subway, I'd see everyone coming in rotten drunk. I'd be jealous to death because that wasn't me. And I used to try and make the best sandwich out of everyone in the shop. And then I'd go to the gym the next day and me coach Paul Remy joked one day, you smell of meatballs, you, and I think it was more the ha and cheese bread to be honest, but Meatball and Molly kind of stuck. And I'd probably say since about 16, everyone calls me meatball.

How long have you been a UFC fighter?

I've been in the UFC for four years. I started MMA on the 20, no, the 24th of February, 2013, so that's coming up to nine years from the day started coming up to 10 years next year.

Why did you get into mixed martial arts?

The story of my life really was kind of by accident. I was drunk as per usual at that time in my life, and I was in a nightclub with everyone from Subway and the doorman sent me home who were my friends who were in the XUFC fighters and he went, go and watch this fight. There's a Gail fighting tonight. It's the first wheel title fight in the UFC, and it was Rhonda Rousey Ally's car Moosh. And it's about four or five in the morning. I've gone home, put the laptop on, and watched Rhonda Rousey do the absolute business. And that morning, maybe six in the morning, I've sent an email to me, coach Paul Remy. I want to be like that. Rhonda Rossey. I want to be in the UFC. And I started on the Monday. So yeah, that was it.

What does MMA Stand for?

What does UFC stand for?