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Liam Farrell

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Liam Farrell is an English rugby league footballer who plays as a second-row for the Wigan Warriors in the Super League, and has played for the England Knights and England at inter...

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What is your favourite moment in sport?

My favourite moment in rugby would be being involved in Grand Finals Challenge cups. It's hard to single one out. I've been lucky to be involved in quite a few. So another one would be a World Cup challenge to be the best team in the world. But any kind of final, there's no specific one, but they're all quite enjoyable to be involved.

What was it like playing for your country?

Playing for your country is probably one of the best achievements I've ever had. I remember debut back in 2012 and being lucky enough to play against some of the best teams in the world against Australia and New Zealand Samoa, and just to represent your country in a sport you love is one of the best feelings in the world.

What is your funniest moment in rugby?

Funniest moment. Put me on the spot there. To be honest, I couldn't single anything out, but the enjoyment of being around a bunch of lads day in, day out, everyone having the crack with one another and just enjoying one a company, it's probably a very unlucky environment to be around because the amount of banter, what goes on around the lads is unbelievable. So I feel very fortunate to do that.

What is your team nickname?

What was your favourite Fancy Dress on Mad Monday?