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Rachel Thompson

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Rachel is captain of The Wigan Warriors Women, an English professional women's rugby league team. Thompson works for the Warriors in the Community, helping with coaching, mainly in...

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What is your favourite moment in sport?

I think for me, I've had a lot of great moments in rugby league, but making my debut for England is definitely up there. But I also think the Grand Final, the Women's Grand Final in 2018, we won and I scored a hot chicken and got player of the game that has probably up there. Winning grand finals are great, but obviously doing it wearing a wig shirt and for your hometown teen was definitely a highlight of my career.

How did it feel play in the Women's Grand final?

Over the past few years, I've been lucky enough to experience quite a few grand finals, playing at amateur clubs and things like that, but obviously playing in a grand final for Wiggin, it was just a different level. It was something that I probably dreamed of doing as a kid. It was surreal, I think. I don't think I really appreciated that at the time. It was a lot to take in. We won a grand final the same day as the men won a grand final that the club was really in a happy and buzzing place. Probably one of the best days of my life. Walking out all RAF as well with the trophy in front of all the Wiggin fans was just something else.

What is your funniest moment in Rugby?

Funny. I think being around the girls is definitely something that always makes me laugh, whether that be the Wiggin girls or when run international camp, spending time with people and at the minute, obviously Georgia Wilson, if you've ever come across her, I spend a lot of time with her. She's one of the funniest people that I've probably ever met, and she always makes me laugh. Just having fun with your friends is definitely just something that if you're smiling and I think it's great that you're having fun. So that's why I also play.

What is your proudest moment?

Do you think your dad would be proud?