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Spencer Stevenson

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Spencer Stevenson is a world-renowned hair loss and hair transplant advisor. He has had a total of 13 hair transplants. His aim is to help break down social stigmas surrounding hai...

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What is your personal story?

Well, my name's Spencer Stevenson and I started to experience hair loss at the age of 21, and it completely devastated me. I tried loads of different kind of remedies, lotions, powders, treatments, and it was at a time that there was nobody really to talk to, so I was really on my own and navigating it literally in the dark. I tried, like I say, a number of different treatments, which led me on a journey of experimenting with laser treatments, with wigs, and I realised that it just wasn't really for me, and the whole hair loss issue really kind of emotionally drained me, and it became a real constant nag in the back of my mindset. So I really was desperate to do something about it. And long story short, I kind of ended up having hair transplants, but initially the hair transplants that I had were not good, and I became a bit of a repair patient. So I had to kind of seek a resolve by continuing on the journey, researching it along the way. And finally, after a number of years and researching it and getting interactive on the internet, found different surgeons that were able to help me and repair my situation. So luckily I was able to then sport a good head of hair. I felt confident about my head of hair. But what I wanted to do is based on the journey that I'd experienced in all the pitfalls, was make sure that people didn't make the same mistakes that I made, and set up my website and try to educate people and give them information so that they could make a much more informed and educated decision on how to go about addressing hair loss, educating them on the emotional aspects of hair loss, and if they wanted to get a hair transplant, guide them in the right direction to good, ethical, honest surgeons. And so I set up my website and every day help educate people with the right information.

Why did you want to have hair transplant?

I wanted to have a hair transplant because for me, I was so desperate. I wanted to do something about my hair. I wanted to change what was happening to me because hair loss was out of my control, and I felt the only way that I could get that control back was by having a hair transplant. When you lose your hair, it's a very difficult kind of cocktail of emotions that you're dealing with, and a hair transplant for me felt like it was a solution to solve all the anxiety and the negative feelings I was having surrounding my own personal hair loss.

How many hair transplants have you had?

I've had a total of 13 hair transplants over the course of 20 years. However, I started out with a number of small size procedures that weren't very good, which then meant rather that I had to, I was in the tunnel and I had to carry on through the other side to resolve the situation. Hence why I've had so many, if I have my time again, knowing what I know now, I probably only need to have two, maybe three procedures. But it all depends on how extensive your hair loss is, how much you want to cover on what your own personal goals are. But in total, I've had 13 hair transplants, but I'm certainly not the control. I'm very quite unique in that sense.

Were your hair tarnsplants a success?

Will I be happy with a hair transplant?