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Adam Husler

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Adam is a yoga guru. Drawing experience from a variety of lives lived off the mat— be it in law school, the boxing ring, the ultramarathon path or the non-profit sector— he brings ...

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Who are you?

Hi. Hi. I am Adam Hustler. I'm a yoga and meditation teacher. I'm based in London, but I've been lucky enough to teach all around the world over the years.

What is yoga?

So if you ask different yoga teachers, they'll all give a slightly different answer. But at its core, it's a practise of self-inquiry. You're not trying to win at anything. You're not trying to achieve anything. You're just taking an opportunity to look inside. And there's different vehicles for that. One vehicle could be using your body and doing poses, which is what you traditionally see in the media. Another vehicle fit could be meditating or chanting or studying yoga philosophy, but its core. It is this practise of self-inquiry.

How can yoga help me?

So in many ways I would say yoga is an antidote to life. So if you've got a really intense job and you are chasing objective success constantly, it's really nice to do something where there is no chance of succeeding going to the gym. It's good for you, but often you want to beat a personal best all the time. In yoga that is no pb. Another way it could be an antidote, and I used to say this to Uber drivers all the time on my way back from airports and are like, is that if you spend your day or your life doing a particular action for Uber driver that would be kind of hanging over oat steering wheel yoga or asana, which is the poses, is a perfect antidote to that. It can allow you to unlock the body and do the opposite actions. My background is boxing. I spent a lot of my life doing this and actually yoga is wonderful to unlock the back, to open the chest to allow me to be taller. So see it as an antidote, both psychological and physical.

Can you start yoga at any age?

Is yoga for everyone?