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Holly is a sound healer & yoga enthusiast. She founded Soul Stretch in 2016 which is now a global community where hundreds of women have come to reconnect with themselves and their...

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How did you travel here today?

Well, I actually walked from the house, which is about a metre that way, into the studio just here. I live here.

How does sound healing work?

So sound healing is a form of meditation. So anything that encourages us to come out of the busy thinking mind and into a deeper state of awareness where we're not thinking, thinking, thinking. It's really a form of meditation. So I love to explain sound healing as science-based, but mixed with a little bit of magic in the unknown as well. And for me, that's the best combination going. And I can try and explain one part. The other part I always say the best explanation really is in the experience, and you get to feel the magic for yourself when you come along. But the science, let me try and explain. So if you imagine that everything in the whole entire world or universe is in vibration, is in a state of vibration, and we know this now, quantum physics has proven this. Everything is energy vibrating and that includes us. So even though you can't see me, if we use myself as an example, you can't see me vibrating if you were to hold a giant microscope up against my skin. You'd see that in fact, I'm made up of hundreds of thousands of vibrating molecules and atoms and units of energy and everything that vibrates has a sound whether we can hear it or not, because humans have a certain hearing range. Everything that vibrates has a sound. So essentially everything is sound. Let me go a little bit further into this. So I, in a perfect world, if you could hear the human body humming a tune, which we can't because we vibrate at a hearing range or out of the human hearing range, if you could hear us humming a tune in optimal perfect health, we would be humming a beautiful melody. You'd hear us just humming this beautiful song. Think of your favourite song, and that's the song you would be humming if you could hear yourself in perfect health and harmony. And our natural state of being is actually balance, harmony, and peace. But life comes along and it throws all sorts of things at us like stress and anxiety and worries and doubts and fears, suppressed trauma, emotions that haven't been managed. And all of these things act as an imbalance in the body. It causes us to vibrate a little bit out of tune. So something that I love to use is the analogy of the orchestra, and this really helps me to understand. So if you imagine an orchestra, you've got all the different components to the orchestra. We've got the strings, we've got the wind, we've got the bass, the guitar, the vocals, all of the parts that make up an orchestra. And the orchestra would never just sit down and just start playing their instruments because it would sound like a bag of cats being thrown against a wall. It would sound terrible. And they would sit down and they would make sure that they tune their instruments before they start playing with the intention to produce a beautiful piece of music for the audience to listen to so that it sounds beautiful and harmonious. However, we don't take any time to essentially tune ourselves and bring Ourselves back to balance and harmony. So you can imagine the human body as an orchestra if you like. So we've got all the different components. We've got the blood, the organs, the systems, even our thoughts and our emotion. It's all just vibrating energy. And we need tools to help shift the bits that are a bit off key and a bit out of tune back into a state of balance and harmony again, so that we feel like we're playing that beautiful melody. And then we feel not only physically healthy when we're in tune, but we feel emotionally healthy, mentally healthy, healthy, spiritually healthy. So what sound healing does is when I start playing my crystal singing bowls, which is what I use, the frequencies that come out of the singing bowls, and the frequency is the sound wave. It's the amount of times a sound wave is moving up and down per second. So all of the frequencies that are coming out of the crystal bowls actually resonate with love, balance, peace, harmony, all of the things that we should be feeling in our body. And they come into our body and they locate whatever is vibrating a little bit off key. And essentially it'll work to just shift everything back into that state of balance and harmony again. So really it's the use of energy, frequency, healing, vibrations to tune us back to our natural state of being again, which is balance and harmony. And I think that you should come along and experience the magic for yourself.

What is sound healing?

So sound healing, I love to explain as a form of meditation and it's, it's also mixed with a little bit of magic and the unknown as well. So really it's the use of energy, sound waves, and frequency to tune us back to our natural state of being, which is peace, balance, and harmony.

How can sound healing help me?

Can you start doing sound healing at any age?