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Scott Britton is Founder at Battle Cancer, worldwide fitness support for those post-cancer. The number of people currently undergoing cancer treatment or post-treatment is at an al...

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How do I get rid of that stubborn belly fat?

So first of all, this is the most asked thing with quite possibly the longest answer. I kind of challenge you to why do you want to get rid of it? So as humans, we kind of need fatten around our stomach. It protects your organs. There's an amount of that obviously that makes sense, to really get that chiselled superhero, full-time, fitness, professional stomach. It's exactly that. You have to effectively be a full-time fitness professional, or it has to be a huge, huge part of your life. There's not one study that agrees with another study in terms of particularly around your stomach. A lot say it's to do with nutrition. A lot say it's to do with exercise. I would say that it's a mixture of three things. So one is how much time do you actually have to dedicate to how you physically look from a fitness perspective? So can you dictate in your week, okay, I can do 15 to 20 hours of exercise a week. I can give myself an hour to eat the right food every day. Because to be really lean, you kind of have to eat every two hours or every three hours, which is not easy to do. Time consuming, and also prep food, buy food in the right way. And the third is, is that generally the thing that's going to make you happy. And if it is, that's completely fine. It doesn't make you vain, it doesn't make you unrealistic. It's just quite often people, when they ask me that question about that last little bit of stubborn belly fat, it comes from a different place. So the truth and honest answer is it's a lot of exercise. It's a lot of controlled eating and eating all the time. And the other is that you have to be prepared that that is actually your goal. For 99% of humans that are happy, functional on this earth, they have a little bit of belly fat and I have a little bit of belly fat and fitness is my life. So you can do it, it's a mixture of those things, but just ask yourself, do I really want to lose it? And how much.

What is your hardest exercise?

So I compete in a sport called CrossFit, which is, if you've ever seen the Netflix documentaries, if you Google CrossFit, you see us do all kinds of crazy things. Mixture of Olympic lifting. I've literally ran up ski slopes for challenges. I've swam in the season of Miami against other people. I've carried stones and bags and I train with the Tour De France cyclists, all kinds of crazy different things. So in terms of exercise, I do a lot. I have an always will not enjoy running. I am not built as a runner. I was born a chunky kid. I grew up a chunky kid, and then I went very much into strength sports. I was never made to be a graceful, beautiful runner. I do run. I run a lot. I have to, but I would choose anything else on top of running. But the crazy thing is running is so good for you. It is great as a mental release. It's great to connect with other people through running groups. So many different things. So this thing that I actually hate is actually given some quite cool stuff that I've done. And some of the stuff that I'm the most proud of is by pushing through the exercise that I hate because I hated it and I did it and I've got better at it. So I've tried to turn it around slightly from a negative to a positive, but for sure running and the act of moving my legs and my arms for a period of time on the road is definitely my worst exercise.

How often do you workout?

So I work out a lot, but I need to just put a little asterisk attached to that. So it's part of my job. It would be like me saying to you, how many times do you check emails in a day? And then me kind of being shocked when you say a lot. So I train on average three times a day, seven days a week. That changes a little bit depending on my training schedule, my travel schedule. So I will usually do three different kinds of sessions per day. I don't have days off, sometimes I have days off training, depending on if there's a competition coming up. But I exercise a lot, but it's part of my career. It is part of my hobby, it's my passion. And to be honest, this is where I'm really, really lucky. Exercise to me. I have got to a place where it helps me to cycle both my mind, things that are going on in my life, how I feel both physically and emotive. So for me, exercise is something that isn't difficult, it's something I enjoy and I've turned into something that actually helps me. Doesn't mean I'm not sore, doesn't mean I'm not tired, doesn't mean I'm not a bit creaky some days, and it doesn't mean I always don't want to do it. But yeah, on average it is two to three times a day, seven days a week.

Can you show me a 5min morning workout?

How can I do a burpee?