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Danny Gray

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Danny is founder of Warpaint for Men, a men's make up brand he founded due to his own experience of Body Dysmorphia disorder and to help men with their self-confidence and mental h...

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What's your music guilty pleasure?

My music guilty pleasure is r and b and old school Garage.

Who are you?

Yeah. Hi. My name is Danny Gray. I'm 35 years old and I suffer with body dysmorphia.

What is body dysmorphia?

Body dysmorphia is a mental health illness where you obsess about the way you look to like a minute detail for things that I obsess about or people with body dysmorphia obsess about. Other people probably can't see them, or they're very, very small imperfections, but to me it's magnified massively and it can take me a very long time to feel comfortable with myself to go out or to get ready. And sometimes it can really preoccupy my mind. So body dysmorphia is when you're obsessed about something on your appearance that other people might not necessarily see. But to you, it's a massive, massive thing.

What does BDD stand for?

How long have you suffered with BDD?